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    Three Must-Haves to Get the Most Out of Intimate Care

    Think back to when you first discovered the one product you now can’t live without. It could be a concealer that makes your skin look airbrushed, a night cream that lets you wake up to that coveted dewy glow or a conditioner that keeps frizz away even in the most humid of days.
    Now enjoy that same satisfaction with your feminine wash – just like every other part of you, your intimate area deserves only the best. You might think water and soap is enough for this sensitive part of the body but this just isn’t the case. Investing in a good feminine hygiene product will give you comfort and the confidence of not having to worry about odour, itch or other unpleasant feminine issues – giving you peace of mind and letting you focus on the more important things.

    We’ve shortlisted three must-haves in choosing the right feminine wash.

    Make sure yours has these essentials and you’re well on your way to getting the most out of your intimate care.

    Must-have number 1:

    • Natural ingredients

    Today, there are so many products available for your feminine hygiene needs. Making a choice can be overwhelming and a good way to simplify this tedious process is to narrow down your options. Look for ones that have natural ingredients. We can’t stress this enough – your intimate area is delicate and needs gentle care. It is different from the rest of your body and your regular body soap or cleanser just won’t do. Make sure your product has none of the harshness of chemicals and all of the goodness of nature.

    Must-have number 2:

    • A trusted brand that understands intimate care needs

    When your feminine wash is developed by a pharmaceutical company that knows their science and have been relied upon by many before you, you know you’re in safe hands. You need one that was created by people who understand feminine needs and who value careful dermatological testing. Also, a good line-up of other products speaks volumes about how much importance they put on quality.

    Must-have number 3:

    • Convenience and ease of use

    In today’s fast paced world, you may be tempted to use your shower gel to clean your intimate area even though it is not ideal. Caring for this sensitive part of your body need not be time consuming or complicated. This little 2-minute habit will not only keep you fresh, it will also help keep your intimate area healthy. Use a feminine wash that is easy and convenient to use. Try finding one in a pump-action format.
    BETADINE® Daily Feminine Wash has all three must-haves:

    • Natural ingredients – The ingredients in the Tri-Care™ formula and prebiotic in BETADINE® Daily Feminine Wash soothe, care and protect your intimate area and support its natural pH balance
    • A heritage you can trust – For over 50 years, people from all over the world have trusted the products of the BETADINE® brand, a household name synonymous with quality and innovation
    • Available in an easy-to-use pump-action foam format – it allows you to skip the extra step of having to lather the product before applying

    BETADINE® Daily Feminine Wash is also soap, parabens and colourant-free. In fact, it is so gentle, you can use it every day. Quality and convenience – it can’t get any better or more reassuring than that.
    The BETADINE™ Daily Feminine Care range is for external use only. This article is for information purposes only and not meant to serve as medical advice or to replace consultation with your physician or other qualified healthcare professional. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare professional with any questions you may have regarding a worsening skin condition or other medical condition.

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